Enter the Dragon, A photographers Journey available for Pre-Order July 11 2013


Enter The Dragon, A Photographer’s Journey


This 260 page book will be packed with 275 images, quotes from those who worked on the film, and never seen production reports from the film. This is not a Bruce Lee book, it’s a book about the making of the film and everyone who was involved in the filming of this epic production. Be ready for some surprise, because there will be a few. The book is being created by the film’s Still Photographer who has spent dozens of hours in the Warner Bros. archive to find the material for this book. Various interviews have been done with the actual film- makers and many myths that have been created over the years are about to be proven to be just that, myths. This project could only have been done with the complete cooperation of the people at Warner Bros. Their help and cooperation has make this project a truly wonderful experience for me.